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Smart Foods For Kids

Our first food for thought... don't skip breakfast!

Dr. Kathleen Butler with ETMC says it's the best jumpstart to the day.

"People who eat breakfast tend to consume fewer calories over the course of the day, of course increase in calories contributes to obesity in this country," says Dr. Butler.

Foods that have vitamin B2 are said to increase your memory. You can find vitamin B2 in milk and fortified cereals.

Foods that increase mental alertness: low fat yogurt and skim milk.

And then there are whole grains that not only help with memory and concentration, but Dr. Butler says you can find whole grain foods kids will like, just about anywhere in the store.

"There are whole grain muffins you can have, there are English muffins, there's some low fat, low sugar muffins that people can make, there are whole grain flours you can buy. You can get white colored breads that are nutritious and sometimes even whole grain," says Butler.

When it comes to your fruits and vegetables colors are also really important. In your produce section you got your reds, oranges and your greens. Dr. Butler says the key though to serving your kids good food is to do it in moderation.

"Really the essential key to good nutrition is a balance of all of the different food groups, that's what's most important," Butler adds.

Those food groups include the right balance of grains, vegetables, fruits, oils, milks and meats and beans.

If there's any doubt that your child might not like any of these Dr. Butler says you, the parent, can set the best example.

"If you don't have it in the house the kids can't eat it. So the trick is to make sure everybody in the household is eating healthy. If you buy junk, that's what they're going to gravitate towards," Butler explains.

Under the heading of this story above are some interactive websites catered to parents and kids if you'd like more information on eating healthy.


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