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Elephant Poo Poo Used To Make Paper

There's a paper product you can find at the Cincinnati Zoo. The raw materials might gross you out a bit. But the proceeds benefit and great cause.

The elephants at the Cincinnati Zoo eat hundreds of pounds of food a day.But it's not what goes in that makes up poo poo paper, it's what comes out.

Thayne Maynard, who is a little too comfortable with the raw materials for poo poo paper, says that 40 percent of what the elephants eat passes right through.

Maynard says "when you look at the inside of these it's just plant fiber it's just been pushed through this is mostly Alfalfa and Timothy hay it just literally passes right through."

Then the manufacturers of poo poo paper dry it out... Squish it and make it into paper...

Maynard says "It's not only fun to say but it's organic, it's odor free... And a portion of
the proceeds of poo poo paper sales go to elephant conservation in Africa."

Maynard says  "It's what I call endangered feces. Elephants are under pressure the biggest land mammals and most of the places they live are the human population is growing and that creates problems."

So anything helps... Even if it means using a less than desirable raw material
to get to the finished product.

Poo poo paper comes in journals, stationery and even greeting cards...it's sold
on line...and at the Cincinnati Zoo.

And this poop's not cheap.. It costs about 15-bucks for 6 sheets.

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