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Coast Guard Rescues Two Men Stranded on Rooftop

Two men plucked from the rooftop in Ohio after becoming stranded by strong floodwaters that had enveloped the building.

Time was of the essence during this dramatic rescue because one of the people trapped - a 71-year-old man - suffers from serious health issues.

26-year-old Melvin knows CPR so he volunteered to stay behind to take care of LeRoy Patton - who survived a heart attack in the past.

Shelby officials began evacuating residents by boat around 7AM this morning - but had to abandoned their rescue because the current became too strong - leaving Melvin and LeRoy trapped in the building.

The Detroit-based Coast Guard that services the Cleveland-area was called in to help rescue the two men - successfully pulling them to safety around 12:30PM.

Neither man was injured during the rescue and both feel fortunate to be back on solid ground with their families.

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