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Local East Texas Woman Rescues Whale

When Laura Radde found a dwarf sperm whale on the beach, it had just given birth, all in the middle of tropical storm Erin.

"I though maybe she had, had a baby but I wasn't sure, and sure enough when the rescue team came they stopped about a hundred yards downs the beach and picked up another whale. It was a very small whale, that ended up being her baby," said Radde.

 While rescuers rushed to help the baby, Laura desperately tried to help the mother whale.

 "I graduated from AM at Galveston with a Marine Biology degree so, I knew what to do to keep it safe and who to call."

 "She was bleeding and a little beat up, which is typical with a stranding. Usually when a dolphin ends up on the beach it's been weaken by pollution or accident of some kind so it wasn't unusual to see that she was bleeding," said Radde.

Laura credits her experience and knowledge in trying to save the mother whale, but unfortunately the whale didn't make it.

 "Even though she died it was great to know that we were part of giving her some comfort before she went," said Radde. 

However, the baby, now named Moby, did survive. She's now being nursed back to health in Galveston. Laura prays that  Moby will one day return back to the sea.

Lakecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com

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