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Aspiring Country Singer Needs Your Votes

First there was Miranda Lambert, then Kacey Musgraves and now Longview has their very own country sweetheart. Her name is Shelby Downing and she's been turning heads around town for years. Now she's taken her talent nationwide and it's paid off, but she needs your help in getting the ultimate pay off.

It's a voice that has carried her to the top. At only 15 years old, aspiring country singer Shelby Downing of Longview has conquered the world, well, the USA World Showcase, that is.

"I'm like omigosh I can't believe I won this."

What she won was "First Place" and "Best Performance" at the nationwide talent contest in Las Vegas.

"There were so many good people. Everybody could sing there, I mean, I was amazed so many people who did a good job there. I'm glad that I won. Don't get me wrong, but you know it was, I had a lot of competition," Shelby says.

Shelby says while performing on stage is home to her, she still can't believe she won, out of the hundreds of teenagers her age.

"I'm just so thrilled that I made it to the next round, it means so much to me. Winning this trophy meant a lot, it's just very much exciting," she says.

The next round for Shelby is an online "American Idol" of sorts. If she gets your votes, she could win $100,000!

"Even if I don't win it's going to give me confidence more to keep on going and just reach for the stars," she says.

But she really wants to win, so now it's in your hands. Go online and vote.  Shelby says if she wins the money, she'll use it to pay for her college tuition. She'll also use it to build homes for people like her brother- who is mentally challenged. 


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