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Hazmat Cleans Big Sandy Trailer

The horrible job of cleaning up took place today at a Big Sandy home, where the remains of nearly 100 animals were found.  Wearing decontamination suits and respirators, Hazmat crews entered the home that investigators called the worse animal abuse scene they'd ever witnessed.

"One reporter on a phone interview asked me , 'have you ever seen anything like this in big sandy before?', and my answer was no, who has?," said Big Sandy Mayor Wayne Reese.  "It's just beyond my comprehension how this could happen."  Hazmat crews removed all contaminated materials today from the condemned trailer, everything from dead animals to furniture, even snakes that were hiding inside.

"We went through several state agencies that couldn't tell us exactly what to do, so the decision was made lets clean it up, or it's getting worse every day," said Weese.  Crews worked in shifts, sometimes visibly shaken from having to remove the hazardous materials.

"Its not easy, and it's not for everybody," said Hazmat worker Darryl Cook.  "You see a lot of things people shouldn't see."  Last weekend police revealed the morbid scene, finding coolers holding the bodies of dogs and cats and several dead puppies were found in zip-lock bags in a freezer.

Lisa Lide, 49 and Vickie Greenlee, 50, both of Big Sandy, are behind bars charged with a state felony of animal cruelty.

"The longer this festers the worse it's going to get, so we made the decision we're going to take care of it right now," said Weese.  

State agencies say the home cannot be burned because of neighborhood safety concerns. Instead, city officials say it will demolish the home at a future date.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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