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Tax Free Weekend Draws Longview Shoppers

It's a penny pinchers paradise this weekend, as the Tax Free Holiday is underway in East Texas.  The shopping isles are jammed with East Texans looking to save as much money as they can with taxes not included.  A dollar on this, 50 cents on that, tax free weekend is how a lot of East Texans stretch their already tight budgets.

"I never really thought about it, but everybody kept saying it'll save it'll save, and I thought I'm not going to battle the crowd, but I think it's worth it," said Hawkins shopper Tanya Holcomb.  At stores like Target and Walmart, shoppers were taking full advantage, many buying for growing kids.

"Get the shoes done first then the extra's here and there, socks, things that boys wear out all the time," said Longview shopper Lisa Durham.  Clothing, school supplies, anything they know they'll have to have and can save a dollar on.  Shoppers were out in full force in Longview, picking up selected items without paying sales taxes.

"They usually always have a deal somewhere and we went to the mall and got a pair of shoes and got another pair half off and then the tax off and, so I think it's the best weekend to get the shoes always wait till this weekend," said another shopper.

"Well, for a family of four, for our size we use a lot of stuff and they go through clothes real quick, so a little bit of savings helps everywhere it can," said a Tatum shopper.  Icing on the cake, the sales tax break will also apply to lay away items.

The Sales Texas Holiday ends Sunday.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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