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8/17/07-Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Athlete's Family Remembering A Loving, Caring Son

"I know God doesn't make mistakes. It was just his time. I didn't know it but God knew he was going to let him stay with me for a little while," says Derek's mother Joyce Timms.

Although Derek Timms' life was cut so short, his family says he planned a long and bright future for himself.

Joyce says, "Even when he was in junior high he started making preparations for what he wanted to do. He told me, 'Mama I'm going to be somebody. I'm going to be a business man, i'm going to be good in football.'"

But football wouldn't be the only thing that would define #77 for the Chapel Hill Bulldogs.  Just looking at the messages written on his jersey by his teammates makes his family off the field know Derek would have given the shirt off his back.

"It just makes me feel good that my son touched everybody's life," says Derek's father Reginald Timms in tears.  "We know we raised a good son."

Raised in a church-going home, Derek's family says his faith was first and foremost in his life...and he was a living example of it.

"I never heard him talk about anybody in a bad way. He was just the kind of person you could not hate," says Derek's sister Jasmine.

His brother Stephen adds, "He was a caring, loving, respectful individual and I love him so much."

Derek's family says what is giving them some comfort is knowing he's in a better place.  Although they never planned to part so soon.

"Because we never know when's the last day. I always tell my baby goodbye careful and momma loves you," says Joyce.

It's that love and the light that could be seen in Derek's smile as a child and before his death, his family is vowing, never to let go dim.

The funeral service for Derek Timms is tomorrow afternoon at 1 p.m. at Friendly Baptist Church in Tyler.

Tragedy funds have been set up for both Timms and another teammate who was injured in that crash, Marquis Warren.

You can donate to both funds at Arp State Bank.

Christine Nelson reporting. 

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