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Freedom Fighters: Ted Walters

During World War Two, a select group of young men were picked to fly an aircraft that had never before been used in war and has never again been used in battle. Ted Walters was one of five thousand Aircorps Glider Pilots, out of a military numbering in the millions.

Gliders were made of lightweight aluminum and canvas and had no motor. They were towed by airplanes and then cut loose over their targets. After landing with their troops and supplies, Glider pIlots had to make it back to their base any way they could. It was a dangerous job

After serving in North Africa, Sicily, France, Belgium, and Germany, Walters made it through the war safely and on his first night home met his wife to be, Mary. the Walters family continues to serve our country with one grandson recently graduating from the Naval Academy and another serving as aid to President Bush. Ted Walters describes his service as "something that had to be done."

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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