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East Texas Couple Specializes In Pet Caskets

It's a multi-billion dollar industry. Everything you could ever imagine made just for your pet -- clothes, high-dollar beds, fancy collars. But what about when your pet passes away? One East Texas couple has that covered. and they're bringing dignity to one of life's hardest lessons--the death of a pet.

It's a wooden box that may look like any other, a jewelry box or perhaps a small chest, but it's actually a casket for your pet.

"You can drape it [the shroud] like this, and place your pet in the casket," said Bonnie Siegelman.

She and her husband, Ed Siegelman of Longview, have thought of everything to give your pet a proper funeral.  No more shoeboxes.  Their kit includes a casket, shroud, gravemarker, and even a pet death certificate.

"It's a dignified service for something that has given the family a lot of love and affection for many years in most cases," said Bonnie.

But it's also for parents to help their kids deal with saying goodbye.

"We wanted to teach them that there's a dignity to death that should be observed and when they learn that process, they'll be a lot more respectful of life," Ed said.

The couple said it's a concept that hasn't been tapped into yet, but the need is very much there.  And there has been nothing but positive feedback.  

"Everybody said 'thank God you're putting this on the market for us, at a reasonable price, there's nothing out there like it and we're really thankful that you're filling a need for us and our children'," Ed said.

The Siegelmans said they do it out of love and respect for pets everywhere.  Even though they've gotten their fair share of stares.

"Everybody that we talked to loved it, loved the idea," Ed said.

And he said that people say they only wished they'd thought of it first, but the Siegelmans already have a patent pending.

Bonnie and Ed Siegelmen have a booth set up at Tyler's marketplace all weekend. If you're interested in finding out more about Beloved Pets' burial packages, click on the "Know More On 7" link to the left, and then click on "Beloved Pets."

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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