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Victims' Family Member Says She Wants Justice

Three of her loved ones die in a car accident and now, an East Texas woman speaks out about what she says is the injustice of it all. Earlier this week, Donna Wingfield, 48, of Longview turned herself in on three charges of manslaughter.  Only hours later, she was out of jail on a $150,000 bond. This, after police say she killed three people while driving recklessly along Loop 281 in Longview last Thursday. Now a family member of the three victims says Wingfield should never be allowed back out on the streets.

"Just going about their business and just happened that fast, just unexpected."

Shonda Kincaid, 28, of Kilgore says she still can't believe her step-grandparents and step-aunt are really gone.

"I consider them my family, because they've been in my life for 17 years," she explains.

Shonda says on that fateful Thursday, her "Pawpaw" Wavie Goff, "Ma" Maxine Goff and aunt Charlotte Estrada were just going about their everyday lives, never expecting what was around the corner.

Police say it was at the intersection of Loop 281 and Alpine Road in Longview that Donna Wingfield hit Charlotte Estrada and her parents head-on.  Police say Wingfield was going the wrong way, driving up an entrance ramp.

"It's pretty devastating, I mean because if you think about it, it puts the fear in you that you don't want to leave your home, and get in your own vehicle because you're afraid of what could happen to you or someone else," Shonda says.

Donna Wingfield has been charged with three counts of manslaughter for driving recklessly.   Shonda says she wants Wingfield to be put in jail for the rest of her life.  Right now though, she's out on a $150,000 bond. 

"Three people's lives were lost and there's so many family and friends having to deal with that pain and that loss everyday, I think she should just have to suffer with it," Shonda says.

Shonda says she thinks something in our legal system has to change and hopefully one day society will realize just how devastating driving recklessly can be.

"I honestly don't think you can put it into's hard enough losing one person, let alone three."

Police took a sample of Wingfield's blood. They are currently waiting on toxicology results to determine if charges will be upped to "intoxication manslaughter."

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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