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Group Meets To Discuss More Tourism In East Texas

Just imagine: East Texas ... a vacation destination, a tourism hub for the state.   Well, that's what mayors, city managers, and visitor bureaus from all over East texas discussed at a luncheon in Longview Thursday.

Organizers say the meeting was to bring 14 East Texas counties together so they are all on the same page about how to attract more visitors,and in turn, more money to East texas.

"By bringing in these new sale tax dollars it actually helps to keep our property taxes down, and that's something we all share," said Longview Partnership President Kelly Hall.  "We don't want to see our taxes go up, so we have to look for alternatives to how we are going to keep those taxes down."

The group has even dubbed their efforts "Team Tourism." They've been meeting like this to discuss tourism opportunities for the past two years.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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