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Tyler Man Builds Backyard Masterpiece

It's a scene straight out of a zoo exhibit or a wildlife refuge, but this tropical paradise won't cost you a thing to see.  An East Texas man is turning his backyard into what he calls "Disney-East Texas" complete with waterfalls, pools, ponds and trees.  It's the creation of another East Texas man who's work can be seen all over the country.  

At first glance, it just looks like a lot of wires, rock and a whole lot of work.  

"It's a whole lot of work," said Exhibit Artist Bill Williamson.  "It's real tedious and it takes awhile." 

For about a year, Williamson of Tyler has been working on a backyard masterpiece. The homeowner, who live's next door to Williamson's sister, asked Williamson to build him a pool.  That pool turned into a 14 foot waterfall, a pond and place the homeowner can park his car.

"I'm sitting on this nice little viewing area," said Williamson.  "This (backyard) used to be a culvert that was a fall hazard for kids, and now it is basically a love seat and a big sofa.  To me this is a small project.  Everybody thinks wow, but this is small. "

That's because Williamson is used to building large animal exhibits at zoo's across the country.  He's built exhibits in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and even the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler.  He also built a waterfall at Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Hawkins.  The backyard exhibit, however, is not for animals, but rather passerbys and, Williamson said, all of East Texas.

"I bet you it will be the cover of the phone book someday," said Williamson.  "I'm sure there will be rose tea parties out here in the future and every high school cheerleader will want their year book picture taken in front of the waterfall.'' 

It may be hard to picture what it will look like in the end but, like Bill does everyday, if you use your imagination you will see a backyard that is truly one of a kind.

Williamson says his backyard project, located in Tyler's Azalea District, should be done in about a year.  His next project includes building more wildlife habitats at Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge in Hawkins.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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