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8/16/2007-Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Football Coach: "Feeling The Power Of Prayer"

It's been described as unbelievable. The support one East Texas football team has received after losing a star player. Seventeen-year-old Chapel Hill senior offensive lineman, Derek Timms died while on his way to practice Tuesday afternoon.

His passenger, 18-year-old Marquis Warren, suffered a broken hip. He is in the hospital in good condition, and is set to undergo surgery Saturday.

The football coach spoke to KLTV 7 about drawing on strength from around and above.

"Anything traumatic like this tends to stick with you, memory wise, and we know that as a coaching staff. We tell our kids that," said Chapel Hill High School football coach Phil Castles. "This is going to make a difference in your life. You are going to remember some part of this week the rest of your life. It may end up changing you."

That change is already visible in the locker room. Derek's number 77 locker was sealed off with Plexiglas, left just the way he left it.

A remembrance board was set up for Derek. It already has cards, and a goodbye poem from a teammate.

"We have met twice now. We talked about things we want to do to honor Timms and help Marquis and his recovery and his surgery," said Coach Castles.

They are going to retire number 77 put it on their helmets, this season, and on the coaches shirts.

Timms will be a team captain, and they'll be an empty space for him every time they line up, as a team.

"Those are positive steps for our kids and for us. That gives those kids something to tangibly see that they are doing and help us all," said Coach Castles.

Coach Castles said it is not just what they are doing but also the community around them. Donating time, money, and more than that their prayers.

"We've had a lot of folks that have called in, given their time, told us that we are in their prayers. It has been neat to feel the power of that prayer," said Coach Castles, "It's nice to see the blessings involved with that. We are allowing God through work through us and that is all we can ask and all that we can do."

Tragedy funds have been set up for both Derek Timms and Marquis Warren. You can donate to either fund at Arp State Bank.

The funeral service for Timms is set for Saturday at 1 pm at Friendly Baptist Church in Tyler.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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