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A Better East Texas: No Confidence Vote For Congress

The reason our Congress can't get anything done about our immigration problem is because the people living in the Northeast are stupid, and so are the folks in California, and so are ALL the lawmakers who represent them in Washington.

Now, hold on I'm only kidding.

But, there are people in Boston who will say the same thing about Texans. And not just because we have different accents! Fact is, *sometimes* we deserve it. But we won't admit it because our pride won't let us. The people who study human nature say that reading information that goes against your point of view often just makes you all the more convinced you are right. Maybe that's the problem with Washington, D.C. Instead of trying to reach a compromise, the hands reaching across aisles of Congress these days are delivering slaps to the face.

Senator Trent Lott from Mississippi summed it up best when he said, "Maybe we should be considering a vote of no confidence on the Senate or on the Congress for malfunction and an inability to produce anything." The unique quality we should all be looking for in our next President should be the ability to find common ground with those who disagree. It'll make for a great America and a better East Texas.

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