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8/15/07-Irving, TX

Crowder Learning Ropes Of Being A Role Model

With NFL players making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Tim Crowder is not taking that path.

"I can't help but to thank God for this opportunity," Tim said. "It's a lot of talented guys that just don't know how to handle themselves off the field."

The minute Tim was drafted by the Denver Broncos, he became a role model. He knows hundreds of boys in East Texas hope to follow his foot steps. That is why he was more than willing to become a spokesman for the East Texas Food Bank.

Back in the Lone Star state Wednesday, Tim and the Broncos hit the practice field against the team he grew up watching: the Cowboys.

It was another overwhelming moment for the man who played his first NFL game just two nights ago against the San Francisco 49'ers.

"I was nervous of course, your first game," Tim said. "Looking at the guys I've been seeing on TV for 10 or 15 years. My first play was against Larry Allen. I got beat of course but just to think, 'wow, this is Larry Allen I'm going up against.' That's when it really hit me."

Tim has the guidance of NFL veterans like John Lynch to show him the ropes.

"It's wonderful seeing those guys, the more and more you play, the more and more they believe in you."

From the field of Rose Stadium, to a national title with the Longhorns, Tim's battled hard to reach his goal. But, he wants East Texas to know says he's nowhere near done.

"Thank you for everything. Thank you for supporting me all those years. I won't let you down."
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