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8/14/07-Ashland, Kentucky

The Duct Tape Bandit

In Ashland, Kentucky, one thief's disguise gets more attention than the crime he tried to commit.

Despite what it looks like, this is not the victim in the robbery attempt at Shamrock Liquors. The suspect did this this to himself, police say.  Kasey Kazee wrapped his head in duct tape to conceal his face. Store manager Bill Steele couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Fortunately Steele  had his own duct tape, attached to a wooden club, that sent the suspect fleeing to the parking lot.  That is where employee Craig Miller tackled Kazee.

The story gets even stranger.  In an interview from jail, Kazee said police have the wrong man, despite the pictures that might suggest otherwise.

Store employees say Kazee also had a t-shirt around his face.  Throw in some duct tape, and it becomes sort of a cartoon.

But police say they have enough to make the charges stick, and that's good enough for the employees who stopped a robbery in progress.

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