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8/13/07- Tyler

Helping The Homeless Beat The Heat

With temperatures reaching triple digits many people are forced to stay inside. But what about the homeless? Crystal Bohannon and Keri Crump are both pregnant and are just two of many people at the Salvation Army that are taking cover from the heat.  

"I don't want to be here honestly but I really don't have no choice, so I have to be thankful that I have some where to go," said Crump.

Linda Edwards with the Salvation Army said she hasn't seen a lot of people, but she expects more will come as the temperatures continue to rise.

Along with shelter, the Salvation Army also provides fans to families and our East Texas senior community.

"If  anyone is in need of a place to come in where they'll be safe, we're here.  We never close our doors.  We're here 24-7," said Edwards.

For future mothers like Keri and Crystal, it's a place that may not be home, but a way to stay safe and cool.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.

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