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Community Helps Gilmer MS Patient

A Gilmer woman is tenaciously beating the odd's against a debilitating disease and also one personal setback after the other.  She has trouble walking, and hurts with every step.  Shar-Day Johnson, 22 was diagnosed with multiple-sclerosis at 14,  but she is determined to live life to the fullest.

"I hurt constantly, and I forget stuff, but where there's a will there's a way," said Johnson.  "I'm going to graduate from college.  I'm determined not matter what."  Shar-Day refuses to be stopped.  Fifteen months ago, despite the dangers, she gave birth to a baby boy, and has had to endure depressing diagnoses from doctors.

"I was with her when the doctor explained about her disease, and he told me at the time she would soon be in a wheelchair," said Johnson's grandmother Hazel Moore-Hicks.  Shar-Day left college when she became so ill she had to undergo chemotherapy, and when she planned to move to a new apartment, she lost everything she owned in a fire at her grandmother's house.

"I was scared at first because I thought I was going to move, and I wasn't going to have anything, but I have an awesome church family," said Johnson.  "I have them, and I have everything."  Members of Moses Chapel in Gilmer, and people in the community, gave her necessities like food, dishes and money to help her start new in a new home.  Her courage in adversity is what inspires those who know her.

"I see a lot of people that give excuses in our community," said Johnson's friend Kim Easley.  "Their parents don't have this, or they don't have opportunities, or they want people to just give them things for nothing when she is out there working and struggling for things she wants."  Whatever the future holds, Johnson plans to keep beating the odds.

"I'm not doing the best, but I'm not doing the worst, so I'm ok," said Johnson.   

Johnson is planning on returning to college, and getting a degree in broadcast journalism.  If you'd like to help Johnson, contact Moses Chapel Church in Gilmer. 

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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