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Organized Search For Missing Rusk County Woman

There was another attempt Saturday morning to find out what happened to a missing Rusk County woman.  Hundreds of volunteers combed the woods in a rural community today hoping to find clues leading to the disappearance of Shirley Hunt, 72.  Hunt went missing in June and was last seen walking the county roads near her home just south of Henderson.

On 4-wheelers, horses, trucks and foot, more than 50 volunteers combed the woods around County Road 454 looking for signs of the 72 year old.  Hunt vanished while taking a walk on June 18th.

"We just hope that we can find any clue as to where mother is, and if she's been picked up any indication of where she might be," said Hunt's daughter Nanette Simmons.  Simmons came from Amarillo for the search, and hopes the help of Texas Equusearch, which has a good success rate, will help find something.

"They have found lots of people and have many success stories, and that's what we're hoping for today," said Simmons.  So far, unfortunately, every lead into Hunt's disappearance has come up short.

"I hate to see the pain , no answer and the hurt that's taken over her life and our life," said Hunt's Son-In-Law Nathan Simmons.  "I can't fix it."

"Well, I know what I'd be like if I was them," said Volunteer J.W. Pike.  "I would just like to know one way, or the other."

"There's got to be somebody in this world who knows something," said Nanette Simmons.  "Until it comes into your home, you don't realize the impact."  After three intense searches, volunteers are convinced Hunt isn't here, but they're not giving up.

"We're going to find her someday, whether here, or when we get home to heaven," said Nathan Simmons.  "We're going to find her."

The family has offered a $10,000.00 reward for information leading to Hunt's whereabouts.  The search will continue Sunday.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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