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8/10/07-Henderson County

East Texas Senior Citizen Is Robbed At Gunpoint And Forced Into Closet

An East Texas senior is robbed at gunpoint, tied up with an electrical cord and then forced in his closet.  Mitchell Manning, 75 was robbed inside his home Tuesday night, which is located in the Shady Oaks community just south of Athens.  Wednesday morning authorities in Bell County found the alleged robbers Paul Lammons, 52 and Julie Rigsby, 26 in the truck they stole.   

There was nothing out of the ordinary Tuesday night when Manning closed up his Shady Oaks convenience store, but things quickly took a turn for the worse when he got home and discovered he had some unexpected guests.

"He (robber) was back behind the door, and when I came through it he (robber) gave it a shove and knocked me into the gun case," said Manning.  Bleeding from the broken glass and with a gun pointed at his head, Manning says he thought it was the end.

"He put his knee in my back and put a gun right there," said Manning.  "He said, 'I want your money.  Tell me where your money is, or I will blow your brains out.'"  Manning says he did what he was told.  That's when the robbers dragged him into the living room and tied his hands and feet with duct tape.  From there, they tied a cell phone charger cord around his arms and shoved him in his bedroom closet.

"He (robber) said 'stay in that closet,'" said Manning.  "'You come out and I'm going to kill you.'  I was scared.  I stayed there for quite awhile, and the TV was on, and I kept looking through the crack to see if I could see any shadows."  About 30 minutes later, Manning says he got his hands free and decided to go for help.  When he looked outside he saw his truck had been stolen, along with his phone, rifle and a pistol.

"I thought this was it you know," said Manning.  "Especially when they tied me up in there and put that gun in the back of my head."  His physical scars Manning says will heal, but emotionally, it will be awhile before he can move on from this horrific experience.

Manning's truck and other stolen items remain in Bell County tonight, where they were discovered with the alleged robbers.  Manning says he should get everything back next week.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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