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For Boys Only? Female Vying For Eagles' Varsity Football Spot

With her long braid tucked under her helmet, Maddie Fraser definitely does not look like one of the guys when she takes to the field.

But, that changes the minute she kicks the football.

"I guess I feel like one of the guys out there, with my helmet on, warming up," Maddie said.

The 16-year-old is vying to be a varsity kicker. She had never kicked a football before but is not foreign to using her foot during a game.

"In our soccer games, I would shoot from really far out," Maddie explained.

It was her soccer skill that got the attention of Coach Mike Meador who invited Maddie to football two-a-days.

"She's going to be trying out like everybody else," Coach Meador said. "She's one of the guys out here vying for a spot."

In 14 years, Mike Meador never coached a girl in football. Neither had kicking coach Jason Lawless, who so far, is impressed.

"She's very consistent," Lawless said. "She doesn't miss much."

In fact during KLTV's visit, Maddie did not miss once. That's pretty amazing considering she'd never worn a helmet.

"It was weird! It was really weird, my head felt heavy, but I'll get used to it."

Maddie hopes to get used to a lot of things on the football field. She does not participate in contact drills but is a part of the team's conditioning. She knows there are concerns about her safety.

"My parents, well, parts of them are for it, parts of them are against it because there are always chances to get hurt. But, they'll always be behind me."

Whether she makes the team or not, Maddie wants to encourage other young female athletes.

"I say go for it. If you have the chance, that's my big thing, I was offered the chance and I would love to experience it."

Coach Meador said his roster may not be finalized until the end of pre-district play and fans may not know for a couple of months if Maddie will officially be a member of varsity.

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