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8/9/2007-Anderson Co.

4 Year Old Girl Mauled By Dog

Another dog attack in East Texas. This time a young girl was attacked by a pit bull. 

On Tuesday night Destaney was playing in her neighbors backyard in the small town of Slocum.

Destaney apparently went near the dog, and it turned on her.

"I just thank God she is alive. Because it could have ended very, very differently," said Tina Till, Destaney's mother.

It was quick thinking and quick actions that saved Destaney.

"There were two grown men and myself trying to get this pit bull off of my baby. We couldn't release it jaws until it was ready to release and it was still coming back for more," said Tina.

The dog nearly ripped off Destaney's arm before going for her head.

"That's when I threw my arm up and he got me. We got the baby away from the dog.  But the dog still had my arm in his mouth and he wouldn't let go," said Tina. "With my arm in it's mouth, he had to shoot it to release me."

Destaney was Life-Flighted to a Tyler hospital and underwent emergency surgery to repair her arm and shoulder.

"If my two guy friends had not been there to help, and the neighbor to give me or my friend the gun to shoot the dog, we would not be here," said Tina. "Now I can't even shut my eyes without picturing her laying there. She looked like a towel. The way he flung her, it was like if you took one of her stuffed animals and swing it around in your mouth."

"That is probably the worst mauling I have seen since I've been with the Sheriff's office in 15 years," said Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor.

The Sheriff said it's unlikely charges will be filed since it was an accident.  But Destaney's parents want to send a message that this could happen to anyone.

"This was a family pet to our neighbors. It grew up around kids. Then it turns on a child," said Tina. "When your four-year-old little girl is flung around like that right there in front of your face ... if you ever see that you would never own a pit bull."

The pit bull was on a chain, in a fence, and with all of it's current shots.

Doctors say Destaney will have to undergo extensive rehab but is expected to recover.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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