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Suspect Sought In 10 East Texas Robberies

East Texas law enforcement officers are looking for a single suspect who may have been the same man who pulled as many as ten local armed robberies.  And that's just in the last two months.

"The fact that this man has repeated these robberies has placed the citizens of East Texas in real danger," said Captain Ken Hartley of the Gregg County Sheriffs Office.

A single suspect has been caught on surveillance tape several times robbing stores in Smith, Henderson, Gregg and Nacogdoches counties.

"Surveillance video, as well as the police reports, indicate that this subject has committed numerous robberies" Hartley said.

Gregg County Sheriff's Investigators say the robber drives up in a blue Chevy Tahoe. Once in the store, he pulls a semi-automatic pistol and takes the cash.

It was last Friday night a liquor store on Estes parkway that the same thing happened. A man driving a blue Tahoe pulls up, comes inside with a semi-automatic pistol and demands money. In each case the man is calm, calculating and direct. 

"The subject apparently plans these out in detail.  He waits for when the store may not have other customers" said Hartley.

He's described as between 45-and-55 years old, average height, around 160 pounds, he and always wears long sleeves and a bandana around his neck.    Anyone with information is asked to call the Gregg County Sheriffs Office or Crimestoppers.  

Bob Hallmark

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