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8/8/2007-Smith Co.

Meeting For Tyler Animal Control Set

Wednesday, KLTV 7 learned of a meeting between the Humane Society of Smith County and the Northeast Texas Public Health District, who runs Tyler Animal Control. There are still several issues between the agencies that must be resolved.

Allegations of abuse and lack of accountability have plagued the relationship between the Humane Society and Tyler Animal Control.

"This needs to be a team effort. Even though their philosophy is 'animal control protects people from animals and we protect animals from people'. There still could be a way for us to mesh those philosophy and provide services for Tyler and those involved," said Gayle Helms, Humane Society of Smith County.

The contract between the Humane Society and the City of Tyler is up at the end of September. The Humane Society has certain requirements, however, before they sign a new one.

"Animal control would no longer pick up public surrender animals," said Helms. "We are also asking for additional money. Working with the premise that the county will most likely contract with the City for animal control services in the county. And we are asking that the field supervisor for animal control be transferred to another department so there is no interaction with the animals."

If they can't come to an agreement, the city will have almost 6,000 animals they will have to take somewhere else.

"On the short term basis we can contract with another county or another organization," said Mayor Joey Seeber. "Another option is to get into the business ourselves with another organization, like the county."

All parties involved hope it doesn't come to that.

"We depend on both of these organizations of professionals to do a fine job in a very difficult situation," said Mayor Seeber.

The August 22nd meeting is private, but we will be sure to bring you the conclusion and what that means for you.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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