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Gilmer Counting Down The Days

Like a thick, wool blanket, last year's first round playoff loss to Liberty-Eylau hangs heavy on the shoulders of the 2007 Buckeyes.

"It cut us to the core when we lost," remembers senior lineman David Snow, "and all year long, every time we got tired and wanted to quit or something, we just thought of it and kept on pushing through."

"It has made for an off-season of tremendous humility," said head coach Jeff Traylor, "having to look in the mirror and re-evaluate where we really are and understand that we are going to play them again in that first round. We're going to go at it again."

In fact, the Buckeyes, who are ranked five spots below the Leopards in the pre-season rankings, are literally counting down the days until that game... 99 more to go as of Thursday.

"We're out here today, playing in the sun, getting ready for those guys," said senior running back Justin Johnson of Liberty-Eylau. 

"We better be ready for them and they better be ready for us because we are going to play hard and they are going to play hard," added senior wide receiver Lamar Harris.  "It's going to be an all-out fight."

The Buckeyes will have plenty of fire power for the rematch. They have three pre-season all-americans, their entire offensive line back, and a stable of quarterbacks ready to grab the reins.  So, while the number one ranking may not be on the Buckeyes right now, their goal remains to have it when the season is over, in the form of a state championship.

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