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Idol Mania At Texas Stadium

Madness today at Texas stadium, and it had nothing to do with the Cowboys. Karaoke superstars from around the country invaded Big "D" to take their shot at becoming the next American Idol.

Through gigantic crowds and searing heat, they waited. All for a thirty second audition they hoped would take them to stardom.

Some moved on, while others were not so lucky.

It wasn't long before we spotted some East Texans in the crowd.

"We live in a little town where you can look over your shoulder and see the other side of town. So we thought why not go to Dallas and try out  for American Idol," said Katie O'Donnell, contestant from Nacodoches.

"Even though we didn't get it inside we are going to have to sing at Chevron, Shell, Texaco stations just to make the money to get back home because we can't afford it," said Lauren Williams, friend of Katie's and fellow East Texan.

Marcus Beamon of Athens is one of many that said it was a great opportunity and they'll be back.

"I think I did a good job. They just aren't letting good talent through," Beamon said.

A sentiment echoed by many contestants. Convinced the producers were looking at Dallas more for laughs than talent. But even though most contestants were sent home, this may not be the last we hear from them.

Unfortunately, none of the East Texas contestants we showed you there advanced. We did get word that at least one East Texan did advance. Those lucky ones that got through Monday's auditions have a date, Tuesday, to sing in front of Paula, Randy, and Simon.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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