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Hundreds Remember Kevin Williams

A funeral service in Tyler Monday honored Captain Kevin Williams of the Noonday Volunteer Fire Department.  It was not only a time to remember the life Williams led, but also a time to thank those who thoughtlessly serve their communities the way Williams did everyday.  

Row after row was filled by volunteer fire departments, as they  filed in to Bethel Bible Church in Tyler Monday afternoon to pay their respects.  Some traveled hundreds of miles to say thank you to the man who gave it all.

"In the fire service, we are brothers and sisters," said Alvin Volunteer Fire Department Captain Billy Gerber.  "I got a wife and a kid and they are family, but the firefighters are my second family.  We treat each other like brothers and sister, and I would never regret coming." 

Those that know Williams talked about his passion to serve.  Williams and his father were founding members of Bible Baptist Church, and Williams also helped start the youth program there.  He was a team player, always ready when duty called.

"When I think of Kevin I think of words like fellowship, fun and heart. But I think the best word that describes Kevin is friend," said friend Chuck Colley.  "Shirt off your back? Call me and I will be there, what's mine is yours friend." 

Williams gave much more then the shirt off his back.  He gave his life without hesitation.  Friends say Williams understood the true meaning of service, and knew he had a job to do no matter the price.

"They were heroes," said Noonday Volunteer Fire Department Board Member Mike Gibson.  "They thought nothing about themselves.  They went into someone's house to try to save someone's property, and they did not know they were going to lose their lives." 

Monday, family and friends said goodbye to their hero.

"He was pretty much the heart and soul of the fire department," said Gibson.  "They also thanked him for living his life for others."

Tuesday family and friends will say goodbye to Austin Cheek.  His funeral will be held at Green Acres Baptist Church at 2:00 p.m.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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