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Alba-Golden Can't Wait For New Season

While most of East Texas was sleeping, the fans of Alba-Golden high school couldn't wait to see their Panthers take the field.

Just a few minutes after midnight, the Panthers became one of the first teams in the state to begin the 2007 season.

"I just wanted to create some excitement," said second year head coach Paul Frye, "not only with the community, but for the kids, and I think it's working.

"It's fun," said junior running back Ryan Young.  "It's a lot of excitement, all the fans are here, you got the band and cheerleaders, so it's pretty exciting."

Much excitement for a program that hadn't had a lot of reason to be excited.

"Having a team that hadn't won a game in 5 years, and winning three (last season), missing the playoffs by one game, it was a great feeling," explained senior quarterback Austin Frye.

"Coach Frye came and kind of helped us get turned around," said senior lineman Ethen Ragsdale, "give us a little kick in the rear to get us moving, you know, and from then we just took off.  I believe this year we're going to do good."

"We spent a lot of time in the shadows for awhile and no one really cared," laments senior lineman Colton Johnson.  "It's looking up for us now, we're feeling good."

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