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8/4/07-San Antonio

Canty Emerging As Leader For Cowboys Defense

One player becoming much more of a leader this season for the Dallas Cowboys, Chris Canty.

The defensive end has become much more vocal this season, especially during training camp.

At 6'7" Canty is intimidating on the field but his size has become effective in literally making the rest of the defense look up to him.

Playing alongside Greg Ellis his first season in 2005, Canty said he learned the ropes and will get more chances to shine with Wade Phillips defense.

"I get to attack the offensive lineman instead of the offensive lineman attacking me and I think that's the biggest fundamental difference," Canty said. "With all this change, I think one of the keys remains the same and that's stop the run. We have to stop the run and that's one thing that we have predicated ourselves on, trying to work on in practice and in the offseason is just stopping the run."

Quick Hits:

*Most of the talk Saturday centered around Michael Irvin's induction into the hall of fame. Greg Ellis and Flozell Adams the only two on the team that played with Irvin, both saying it was an honor to witness him at work.

*Marc Colombo returned to the practice field for the first time during camp after recovering from a knee injury.

*With the returns of Marc Colombo and Flozell Adams that means all of the big men are back in action, completing the offensive line.
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