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Freedom Fighters: Saigon Church

During the Vietnam War, Trinity Baptist Church in Saigon provided a home away from home for soldiers separated fro their families. This week, members of the church got together at Hideaway to celebrate a special bond that has lasted over thirty years.

Jim Humphries arrived in war- torn Vietnam in 1966 with his wife Mary and three children, ranging in age from seven months to seven years. He was pastor of the church until 1973.

Like the soldiers who became part of their extended family, the Humphries were in constant danger. During the height of the Tet Offensive, the city was under bombardment and fighting was only blocks away. The Humphries children spent hours in closets covered by mattresses for their protection.

When the Humphries planned the reunion at Hideaway, former members of the Saigon Church were anxious to see friends they hadn't seen in over thirty years and to celebrate a special time of faith and rememberance.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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