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The Flint Fire

When Flint-Gresham firefighters arrived at the scene, they quickly realized it was far bigger than one single department could handle, immediately calling for back-up.

"The flames were shooting above the tree tops, and of course, my granddaughters were afraid that our house would catch on fire," said neighbor Sue Spasic.

Bullard and Noonday arrived shortly, and once they were on scene, 19 year old Austin Cheek and 42 year old Captain Kevin Williams went inside to attack the fire.

"I had been around on the side of the house on the roof and came around to the front of the house and realized we had some firefighters in the house who had been in there too long," Noonday Fire Chief Gary Aarant said.

"We put together a rapid intervention team to send them in.  And right after the 'rit' team went inside the house they found them, and we sent a second team to help assist and get them out," said Aarant.

Williams and Cheek were rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

"They died gallantly trying to put the fire out.  We wish condolences not only to their immediate families, but also to their firefighting families," Fire Marshal Jim Seaton said.

Today, one family lost their home of twelve years, and a different kind of family lost two of its brothers.

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