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8/3/07-East Texas

TxDOT: Still No List On "Structurally Deficient" Bridges In East Texas

The bridge in Minneapolis was found to be "structurally deficient." Thursday, we found out that 66 bridges in 12 East Texas counties have that same distinction, but TxDOT would not release any information on those bridges. Friday KLTV 7 continued its legal quest to find out so you and your family will know.

However, several state TxDOT officials we spoke to continued to resist our efforts to see a list of structurally deficient bridges in East Texas. They said it's because of Homeland Security reasons. 

Larry Krantz, our local TxDOT representative, said their hands are tied.

"The guidance that we have right now comes from federal Supreme Court rulings on whether this information can be released or not.  the federal government and state government have both said no. This information is on its way to the attorney general for review, and if they say it can be released we're more than happy to release it," Krantz said.

Krantz added East Texans should not worry when crossing a bridge. He says they have been working hard to inspect and repair or replace unsafe bridges for more than a decade. In fact, Krantz said he feels perfectly safe crossing a bridge with his family in the car and "doesn't think twice about it."

Some other media outlets were able to obtain a list of bridges deemed structurally deficient in their area; however, a state TxDOT representative said that was a mistake on TxDOT's part and they never should have gotten those lists.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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