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Cowboys Camp: Divine Inspiration

"Tick, tick tock. The blue and white cannot be stopped!"

They are the most visible.

"The blue and white cannot be stopped!"

And the most vocal group at training camp.

"What is this? Wayne's world! We love you coach! We love you coach!"

They are the Inspiring Body of Christ Church; 250 guys on a men's retreat.

"Now we are just these new men of God that are just trying to make a difference in the community, in our personal lives," said IBOC paster Rickie Rush.  "We thought we'd just come up here and make a difference in the way (the Cowboys) prepare to go into next year."

"Roy! Williams! Roy! Williams! We say 30, you say one! 30! One! 30! One!"

Cowboys safety Roy Williams knows the group well.  He is one of them.

"For them to come into the stadium, singing and chatting and having a good time, it's just, it's an awesome sight to see," Williams said about his fellow church parishioners.  "It's uplifting. I mean a couple of my teammates were like, wow, you've got a good church."

"Just have fun and fellowship and grow," Rush added.  "We're growing spiritually. Now we do the fun part in here."

"We got a feeling, the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl!"

Camp Notes:

--Wide receiver Terrell Owens was back in uniform today and took part in today's practice.  He had missed three straight practices with a sore hamstring.

--With the shortage of wide receivers, the Cowboys had safety Demarius Bilbo take snaps at wide receiver today.

--The Cowboys may have to find another site for training camp next year.  The Alamodome has been reportedly booked for a church convention.

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