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Female Vote The Key To The White House For Presidential Hopefuls

For the candidates stumping for president, their efforts are including doing a good bit of female bonding.

Political science professor Dr. Larry Carter says females not only represent the largest group that's not registered,"They're also the group that make up the most undecided group."

It's why there's no surprise Mitt Romney's wife launched the "Women for Mitt" bus tour in South Carolina.  John McCain creating "Women for McCain" groups in several states.

"They're trying to show that groups of women are out there supporting their candidacy. That's why all of them have the buses and get out.  But still you can't treat all women the same they're very diverse," says Carter.

Carter says candidates are hoping to sell women by being staunch supporters of education, childcare and healthcare.

Even national websites like bridesdecide.com are trying to engage women voters. On the site, candidates released pictures of their wedding day, revealing how they met their spouses.

Carter adds, "A lot of times when you vote it's because we can identify with somebody."

Because elections have been so close in the past, whomever gets that group of undecided female voters could mean a candidate's ticket to the White House.

"[Candidates] do so much polling now they've got it down to a science. They say 'okay if I can get the 4% of women that are undecided and I focus on women's issues and I pick them up, I could win the election," Carter explains.

Some of you might be thinking Hillary Clinton probably has an edge being a female candidate.

Dr. Carter says while she can give a female perspective she's still going to have to win over male voters too.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com


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