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Kids Wish For Brother In Iraq Comes True

He suffers from a rare disorder, and his brother is serving overseas in Iraq. Now, one East Texas boy gets his wish come true--a way to talk with his brother every day.  It's all thanks to the Kids Wish Network.

While most kids may wish for a trip to Disneyworld or to meet a famous baseball player, all Winston Williams of Gladewater wished for was a laptop. That's because his older brother, Chris, has been fighting in Iraq for almost a year now. The two brothers were sending letters back and forth, but that took weeks.  Now they just shoot each other an email.

"I tell him what's going on and well what exciting happened to me, and all that. I can tell him I'm on the news now," said Winston. "The first time I sent one [email], I didn't think he would get it, but when he wrote me back I knew I could talk to him.  I was really happy,"

Winston's most deserving of a wish. He suffers from Marfan's Syndrome, a genetic disorder affecting his body's tissue and heart.

"He's just a special child and he's gone through a lot. He's been very sick throughout his life I mean very sick," said his mom Terry Williams.

Winston said he knows he may not be able to play sports, but he loves to play video games. And he wants to be an architect when he grows up. 

"I can't push a shovel, but I can push a pencil," he said.

And of course he also wants to be just like his big brother.

"I really love him, and he's my hero," Winston boasts.

But it's clear to see Winston's already like his brother--a true hero facing a battle of his own with the utmost bravery.

 If you'd like to refer a child for the Kids Wish Network you can do so by clicking on "Know More On 7" to the left and then click on "Kids Wish Network."

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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