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Robin Roberts' Announcement Hits Home For Tyler Cancer Survivor

For anyone watching, it was heartbreaking hearing Robin Roberts' personal revelation about her breast cancer.

"Unfortunately the disease knows no creed, no color, no age, nothing. It could happen to anybody," says Jodie Ward, a Good Morning America watcher.

That's something that Dorothy Taylor of Tyler knows all too well.

"I was diagnosed in September of 2001," says Dorothy.

Like Roberts, Dorothy also discovered her cancer through a self-breast exam.

"I went to my doctor and he examined me and he said I don't feel anything. And I said I do.  I'll never forget these words, he said I've learned not to second guess women," Dorothy recalls.

She was sent for a mammogram, but even that did not pick up what Dorothy was sure was there. It took an ultrasound to discover there was a lump.

Tyler Oncologist Dr. Svetislava Vukelja says one type of test for breast cancer is not enough.  A self-exam, mammogram and ultrasound should all be done together.

"That is the most important thing we could get out there. You can see it on the mammogram and not feel it. Or you can feel and not see it," says Dr. Vukelja.

Dorothy adds, "It's your breast, you live with it 24/7. It doesn't go away you can't take them off and sit them down, they stay there and you should know them."

Dorothy says women should not be afraid to take the first step and do self-breast exams. It's the reason she's alive today.

Instead of falling victim to the disease, Dorothy can now say she is a statistic of a different kind.

"I've been a survivor 5 years and 9 months," Dorothy says with a smile.

Dr. Vukelja also says in black women, cancer tends to be diagnosed at an earlier age and is in a more advanced stage when it's discovered.

She hopes more black women will participate in clinical trials in the future to help doctors find more answers.

Christine Nelson Reporting.

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