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7/31/07-Titus County

House Flooded, Family Rescued

Reports of as much as six inches of rain in Mount Pleasant Tuesday afternoon, so much water a family had to be rescued out of their home. The house is located on County Road 3010 just south of I-30.  The homeowner told KLTV 7 he thanks God and rescue crews for getting his family out safely.

While at work Tuesday, Javier Havillo of Mount Pleasant came home for lunch to his house flooded and his family inside.

Javier said he was scared for the lives of his wife and their three small children, all under the age of nine and all not able to swim.

"All he was thinking about was 'Jesus please help my family' and that was it. He didn't care about nothing else," said Javier.

But fire crews were there to help and rescued the family, two dogs and two horses from the rising flood waters.

"The water was moving pretty swift so it was kind of hard to walk in the areas that we were in.  But once we got there they were pretty calm. We talked to them about what we were going to do and then got them out to safety pretty quick," said Mount Pleasant firefighter Josh Cato. 

Officials say it truly was a flash flood in Mount Pleasant. But the water is receding. 

And that's a comfort to Javier, who can now go inside his home and examine the damage, but he's just thankful to have what matters most: his family.

Crews also had to spend almost two hours rescuing a man stranded by the flooding. Police say the driver refused to get of his car, and now he's being charged with driving while intoxicated. 

Authorities also tell us even though much of the water water has receded, County Roads 1905, 1670, 3140 and 3275 are closed for the time being.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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