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7 On Your Side: Is Pedophilia Website A Crime Or Free Speech?

Dee Mowery of Longview sits at her computer, reading the postings on Cafe Moms. It's a website she's a member of where mother's like herself can develop friendships and exchange information.

"Oh yeah I've made a lot of friends there and I even got some advice," says Mowery mother of five.

That's also where Dee learned about another website that had parents outraged, including herself.

The website is devoted to "celebrating the splendor of little girls."

The man who created it calling himself a "girllover," who's "physically and romantically attracted to little girls."

"It has link on there for little girls to go in and express their love for a pedophile. It says it's okay to be in love with an adult. It just gave me an uneasy feeling," says Dee.

The site's creator tries to say there's a difference between a pedophile and a child molester. He's quoted on the site to saying, "his friendship and mutual respect with a little girl will allow them to fully appreciate the joys of our eros, or physical love, which will affirm and reinforce the beautiful bond they have created together."

We brought it to the attention of the Longview Police Department's Cybercrimes Unit.

"This website's been around for a long time and this is not the only one out there," says Sergeant Mike Hyko.

Hyko says as perverse as a website like this is to someone, its existence is not breaking any laws.

"Anything written is not against the law. We have laws against photographs, pictures, videos now. But anything written is not against the law," Hyko explains.

"But someone might think they may eventually commit a crime," replies KLTV 7 Reporter Christine Nelson.

Hyko rebuts, "Sure I think they probably are and eventually will. But sitting there thinking about it is not against the law."

This website and the hundreds of others out there are protected under the First Amendment.

But when Dee looks at the little faces who call her mom everyday, that's enough for her to get behind the campaign to do something about.

"We've got to fight against this. Like I said we're supposed to protect our children," says Dee.

There is a petition at www.thepetitionsite.com.  Click here to be linked directly.

Dee and other women across the country have already signed it are hoping other parents out there do the same.

Christine Nelson Reporting cnelson@kltv.com 

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