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Friday's Cowboys Camp Report

Head coach Wade Phillips has built his reputation on defense. But thanks to strong coordinators, his offenses have consistently been strong as well. That task falls on the shoulders of former Cowboys quarterback Jason Garrett, hand-picked by Jerry Jones to run his first offense as a coach.

"I really felt fortunate to be a player in the NFL," Garrett said, "but to have a chance to coach and work with the players that we have, it's really exciting. It gets us out of bed excited every day."

Step one for Garrett has been installing an aggressive offense to take advantage of Tony Romo's playmaking abilities.

"I like working with Jason a lot," Romo sai.  "I think he posesses two things. One, he's a very bright guy, so I think he's going to be good from that stand point, but, at the same point, he has played the game for a lot of years. I'm real excited about the long-term there."

Step two, is keeping Terrell Owens happy, and so far, the veritical game has found T.O. in the endzone quite often.

"Obviously the (Jerry Jones) has the confidence to put (Garrett) in that position," Owens said, "and we as players have to got to have the confidence in him to do his job."

With new formations, more creativity and a renewed emphasis on the passing attack, Garrett has given his skill players reason to be confident.

"I think they are," Garrett said.  "They've been real receptive to it, and we have a long, long way to go."

Camp Notes:

--Sunday's practice will be broadcast live by the NFL Network.

--Richard Bartel and Matt Moore are in a heated battle for the number three quarterback job.

--Wade Phillips doesn't have a problem with T.O. and his playbook.  Phillips said Owens has been working at multiple positions this year.   

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