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East Texas Kids Learn To Survive In The Wild

"Other hiking partners are a must, always go out with somebody," says Tyler State Park Exhibit Tech Joe Roach to a group of children and their parents.

They're learning a valuable lesson where the classroom is the great outdoors.

"We learned about venomous snakes in Texas, and about the compasses and the maps," says one student.

It's just some of the tools Roach says will help kids and adults overcome what he calls nature deficit disorder.  Many times it leads to kids this age getting lost in the woods.

"And they try to find their way back without trying to get any help so we're trying to help them prepare a kids' wilderness survival kit," says Roach.

The items include simple things like a granola bar a hat to prevent sunburn. Or a garbage bag, that really is a multi-purpose sack.

"This can be used as a rain coat, a poncho, it can be used as a sleeping bag," says Roach.

Also include a CD.  If the sun is out then you can point the CD towards the sun and create a reflector.

Roach adds, "The international code for help is 3 of anything, 3 gunshots, 3 flashes like this, 3 whistle blasts."

These kids are already armed with a valuable tool that will make their outdoor experience a positive one...their minds.

"Even from 3rd grade to 5th grade we teach them to stop and think and the panic will go away so they won't run and be found miles away," says Roach.

Roach also tells us that most people who get lost, no matter how large the park, are usually found within three days. So these basic survival skills should help someone survive during that time.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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