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Weight Lifting At A Snail's Pace

When 70 year old Lucienne Tennison was diagnosed with the early stages of osteoporosis, her doctor didn't prescribe medicine. Instead, he told her to hit the gym.

"I tried the traditional gym with weight lifting, and it gave me what I needed, but then, I started looking for something really specific," says Lucienne.

The registered nurse found the Super Slow Zone in Tyler; a gym that promotes weight lifting at a snail's pace.

Trainer Patti Bowman says there are benefits to the slow speed.

"You take out the element of momentum. Most people are injured in a gym by trying to work out and do too many reps too quickly.  By doing a slow burn workout, you're keeping the muscle loaded and by doing that, the weight stays only in the muscles which is what you're wanting to work out," says Bowman.

You only work out for twenty minutes, two times a week. It sounds easy enough, but I quickly found out, it's not.

"I can feel myself shaking," I said to Patti.

She smiled and responded, "That's your muscle tissue calling for help."

Many of the Super Slow clients are referred by doctors or physical therapists like Clark Hopkins with New Dimensions Rehabilitation.

"This program is one that we feel comfortable having them go through it, from a strength training standpoint. It's safe.  It's efficient, and there's no issues as far as injuries go," says Hopkins.

Lucienne says after six weeks, she already feels stronger, but she says the real test will come next year when she has another bone density scan.

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Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com


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