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Citizens Concerned Over 271 Intersection

Another casualty from a wreck this week Upshur County.

KLTV 7 learned today that Verl Hagler died from injuries he suffered when his car turned into the path of a pick-up on Highway 271 and FM 726.

Hagler's wife died at the scene of the wreck.

This accident is just one of 3 in the past 3 days at the intersection, putting neighbors nearby in an uproar, wanting someone to do something to make the road safer.  

Linda Maberry lives near the intersection, and says she's had enough.

     "I can not sit by and let somebody else die. I know there have been several deaths just in the last few years. This could have been my parents,  this could have been me" says Maberry.

      The problem on 271 and FM726, a rise that conceals traffic coming straight down the highway from a shallow valley. Over the last four years, this blind spot has contributed to dozens of accidents, most recently a wreck last night that put another driver in the hospital.

    "It's a very dangerous intersection, kids and adults even just trying to get through the intersection. It's just dangerous. You can't cross over, you can't turn that direction without the fear of getting hit." says concerned area resident Jan Webb.

      Linda Maberry has started 3 different petitions, and talked to every agency she could call.

   "I've gone to the county I've talked with the state, talked with the district TXDOT people in Atlanta. It's very dangerous accessing 271 from this road, and it's very scary to try pull out onto this road" she says.

   The answer, residents say , is simple.

   "That we regrade the hill, and now is the time to do it" Linda says.

   Tomorrow morning, residents will meet with Upshur County TXDOT officials to ask for a redesign of the intersection, and posted cautions.

   Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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