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07/24/07 - San Augustine County

Crews Search National Forest For New Evidence

New developments in an investigation involving missing people, human remains and a cop in jail. A search was conducted in the Angelina National Forest. That's where a Jacksonville woman's remains were found last September. The woman was scheduled to testify against former Jacksonville police officer Larry Pugh. He's now in prison on sexual assault charges.

Investigators wouldn't comment on any direct link to with the Pugh investigation and the call of close to 100 searchers on horseback and on foot. Shortly before sunrise Tuesday morning they gathered in the same vicinity where Terry Reyes' remains were found in September. About the same time Shunte Coleman went missing. FBI agent Peter Galbraith said, " I'm not going to comment whether it is specifically for the second girl. There is a possibility there may be another body out here and that's what we're going to check on. "

They searched an area the width of two and half football fields and a mile long. A few paces out man and beast were camouflaged by the thick brush. The search was conducted very similar to the Columbia search. The riders are evenly spaced out. Directly behind them are the workers and they pace themselves forward. San Augustine County Sheriff Don Michaels explained, " If they find something they're gonna stop right there until they can get it flagged and get it accessed."

By noon they returned. Michaels said, " We haven't really came up with anything that I feel that's significant."   The U.S. Forest Service foot patrol was sent home. Horse patrol went out one last time, but once again they found nothing. Michael's said,  " We still have the scientific FBI unit they're still sorting their part of it out down there. They're down on their hands and knees back there looking for more evidence." Cadaver dogs assisted.

The sheriff says he was acting on a hunch. Even though Jacksonville police have not been able to connect former police officer Larry Pugh to the disappearance of the two women, the sheriff knows Pugh grew up in Broaddus; and knows the woods in the area extremely well.

Donna McCollum, Reporting.

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