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Study Finds Diet Soda No Better Than Regular

If you think choosing diet soda over the regular sugar-filled variety is healthier, you may be in for a rude awakening. Researchers say when it comes to diet soda compared to regular, you're no better off.

Robin Haynie, of Athens, used to drink regular soda every day, but when she wanted to shed some pounds she changed her ways.

 "I decided I wanted to lose weight. I got addicted to diet soda and that is all I drink now," Robin said.

Robin also said she drinks about four diet colas a week.

A new study says, however, that just because it says diet, it does not mean it's healthier.

A large study done by the American Heart Association says people who drink one or more sodas a day are nearly 50 % more likely to develop risk factors for heart disease. Specifically, soda drinkers are at a 31% increased risk of obesity and a 25% increased risk of having abnormal sugar levels.

Maybe the most alarming thing in the study claims drinking diet compared to regular puts you at the same risk factors.

"They just reach for something quick and easy and that quite frankly tastes good," said Tami Lawrence a registered Dietician at Trinity Mother Francis Health System.

Tami says that in general soda drinkers take in more calories.

 "Its not just one thing that is going to cause obesity or cause weight loss it is a combination of diet, food choices, exercise, and overall lifestyle," Tami said.

Tami also said a study like this should make people think about their overall lifestyle. Something Robin knows well.

"I try to eat pretty healthy you know stay with the low fat, I'm pretty balanced about it," said Robin. But she won't change her drinking habits just yet.

"I'm not too alarmist about all that kind of stuff. I think everything in moderation."

At least one nutrition expert has dismissed the study's findings, saying that in terms of losing weight, there's too much evidence that shows diet beverages are healthier.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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