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7/24/2007-Smith Co.

Man Arrested After Scuffle in D.A.'s Office

Trouble for the family of 38-year old Catherine Alanna Stevens, the woman accused of strangling her two year old son to death earlier this month. Her husband is now in the Smith County jail.

Mickey Stevens faces charges of assault of a public servant, resisting arrest, and criminal trespass. This follows an incident Monday in the District Attorney's office.

We received copies of the arrest affidavit. They reveal quite a scene. The affidavit says Stevens went to the D.A's office on his own asking about a family computer, which had been confiscated in relation to his wife's case.

Mr. Bingham explained the computer was involved in a capital murder case and could not be released yet. The affidavit says "Mr. Stevens interrupted and began to yell, calling Mr. Bingham a bald son of a _____. Mr. Bingham asked Mr. Stevens to leave. Mr. Stevens waved his arms in anger and walked towards Mr. Bingham."

Another investigator says in another affidavit: "He moved closer to Mr. Bingham. I, the investigator, stepped in between Mr. Bingham and Mr. Stevens. I asked Mr. Stevens to leave again. He walked toward the door and then turned around, striking me with his left elbow to my chest."

It says even after Stevens was cuffed, he continued with the violent behavior, kicking and pushing officers in the elevator and through the jail tunnel.

His bail is set at nearly $190,000 because Assault on a Public Servant is a felony.

Tyler Police, who are investigating the boy's murder, said Tuesday that there is nothing to lead them to believe Mickey Stevens was involved in his son's death. They said if any information or evidence came up they would look into it, but at this time nothing leads them in his direction.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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