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Sounds of The Game: Baseball Without Sight

In baseball training they tell you to simply put the bat on the ball. But what happens when you cannot see either?

That's where beep baseball comes in.

Like the name implies, the ball and bases beep to help the blind.

The Tyler Tigers, an East Texas beep baseball team, hosted an open practice to let fans try what they have practiced for years. The experience for many was humbling.

"You can't use your eyes," explained Harrison Boynton. "You have to use only your ears to find the base and you don't know where you are."

"It's really hard," Scott Finley said.

KLTV Sports reporter Maya Golden even gave it a try. Things started good. She at least made contact on her first try.

"Running to base, you feel silly and a little fearful you might just fall," Maya said. "I began to understand how hard it can be in this world without your eyes."

"It does my heart good to know that sighted people are taking a walk on our side of the fence," said Tigers coach Larry Reed.

Larry has coached the Tigers to the Beep Baseball World Series every year but one since 1995. He knows his sport is tough and encouraged fans with his own memories of starting out.

"I thought it was so hard but when I hit my first run, I thought I could see!" Larry laughed.

Larry and the Tigers have learned to live their lives without letting their handicap overshadow the good. It's their example that has taught the youngsters at the practice a valuable lesson. 

"It doesn't mean if you lose one thing you have to stop doing things you love," Scott Finley said. 

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