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7/20/07 - Evansville, Indiana

Fisherman Lands 73 Pound Fish

A Indiana man has a big tale to tell, only this fish tale is true. Every fisherman dreams of landing the big fish, but how about a 49 inch long 73 pound catfish.

David Glover and his cousin Jeff Johnson, went fishing on the Wabash River Thursday night hoping to catch a large catfish, but they never expected to land a four footer, which was no easy task.

David Glover, says, "When the fish rolled up beside of the boat and as I said we have an eleven foot boat, and a four foot fish and there just wasn't hardly room for me and the fish in this little boat and the net was way too small for this fish so I had to reach my hand in the gill and forcefully roll him into the boat."  

Glover hoped to keep the fish alive to give to an aquarium, but after it died he cut the fish into an estimated forty pounds of fish steaks.  

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