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East Texas Bad Restaurant Report

        7 East Texas restaurants were hit with the most serious violations in the latest round of inspections by health departments. 5 of them in Longview, including Luby's Cafeteria at 2802 Tuttle road. Inspected July 13th, hot and cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures, improper cooling of cooked and prepared foods, there was cross contamination of raw and cooked foods, and food contact surfaces were unsanitary. There was failure to properly dispose of sewage and wastewater. Plus, the inspector wrote that Luby's didn't keep it's premises free from insects, rodents, and other pests. They had 28 total demerits.

      Dairy Queen at 3815 West Marshall was Inspected July 11th. Ice cream mix and cheese in the cooler was above the required 41 degrees. The inspector said it was the fifth repeat violation. Hot foods were also not held hot enough. Also, there was a problem with hand washing facilities. Total demerits: 21.

  Amigo's Buffet at 2511 Judson Road was inspected July 6th. Cold foods were not held to the required temperature that's 41 degrees or below. And hot foods weren't held to 135 or hotter. Food contact surfaces needed to be clean and in good repair. Total demerits: 21.

    Tex-Mex Restaurant at 2009 South Mobberly was inspected July 5th. There was improper reheating of cooked foods. And there were problems with gnats around the mop sink. Total demerits: 16.

    Whataburger at 105 Spur 63 was inspected July 17th.  Cold foods were not held at the cold holding temperature 41 degrees or below. And there were problems with hand washing facilities. Total demerits: 15.

   In Smith County Farmer's Cafe at 306 East Duval in Troup was inspected July 3rd. Raw hamburger and ham were not held cold enough. A worker was rinsing hands in a bucket of water instead of at a sink. Plus, workers were going from job to job without properly washing hands. Raw beef was stored over vegetables, a contamination danger. There was a substantial roach infestation. And many surfaces were dirty. Total demerits: 29.

   Church's Chicken at 127 West South West  Loop 323 in Tyler was inspected July 2nd. A cooler wasn't holding foods cold enough. Improper hand washing was noted. There were flies in the kitchen. And equipment and utensils needed cleaning. Total demerits: 15.

 Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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