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Quitman Couple Asks For Dog's Return

A K9 friend has filled a void in an East Texas couple's lives, living up to the name man's best friend, but recently that void has re-opened after someone stole the couple's dog.  A year ago, the Quitman couple's son, who is now serving in the Navy overseas, gave them a dog just before he left.  The dog named Sweetie, a black Schipperke, has been missing now for a week.

It's not easy for Widgeon and Nicohl Emerson of Quitman to talk about, their pet taken from them, the dog they have grown to love through such a difficult time in their lives.

"I feel lost without him," said Nicohl Emerson.  "He helped me, and I helped him and he gives me courage and strength.  He was just like a grand kid."  Also a friend, something the Emerson's needed with their son serving overseas, Widgeon battling cancer and Nicohl multiple sclerosis.

"He jumped up in my lap in a wheelchair and took off with me," said Emerson.  "Yeah, he was a sweetie."  Last night, Widgeon and Nicohl finally got some good news.  Their son, Justin, is coming home, but Nichol says it won't be the same without Sweetie.

"It would mean a lot to him, and it would mean a lot to my husband and it would mean a lot to me," said Emerson.  With their son returning, one void in their lives would soon be filled, but the Emerson's say without Sweetie their lives can never be complete.

"I don't know who has him," said Emerson.  "I don't want to know.  I don't care who he his.  I just want them to bring my dog home."  The Emerson's say Sweetie needs constant care, as he is on medication for a hereditary disease.  The Emerson's son, Justin, is expected back in the state in about a month.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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